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Air Angel Prevents Common Household Odors Blog Feature

By: Dr. Jeff Bennert on May 15th, 2015

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Air Angel Prevents Common Household Odors

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We all know of the unpleasant odors that can fill our home, from trash, to pets, to diaper pails, the list is endless. While there are many different “temporary” solutions to rid the home of these odors, nothing seems to work in keeping homes clean and fresh permanently. Until now.

Air Oasis, the company that offers high quality Air Sanifiers, created the Air Angel, a portable Air Sanifier with revolutionary, energy-efficient technology that fights germs by cleaning and sanitizing the air in rooms up to 250 square feet, including the kitchen, nurseries, living rooms, and more.

Kitchen: An Air Angel in the kitchen can eliminate common odors that come from trash, rotting food, and even cooking foods like fish! Not only does the Air Angel eliminate odors in the kitchen, it also keeps the air in the kitchen sanitary, in turn and most importantly, helping to keep your food sanitary.

Nursery: Putting an Air Angel in your baby’s nursery not only sanitizes the room’s surfaces, but it also rids the air of smells from sources like diaper pails and laundry hampers.

Living Room: An Air Angel in the living room can help prevent not only the bad smells associated with your pet, but also the allergens that come with them!

Whether you’re dealing with pet odors, diaper odors, or smells from the kitchen, the Air Angel can help. This mobile device not only fights to prevent odors within the home, but also fights off germs, viruses, and harmful pollutants in the air and on surfaces. For more information on Air Angel and how it can help keep your home fresh all year long, visit www.airangelbaby.com.