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Air Angel in the News Blog Feature

By: Dr. Jeff Bennert on October 19th, 2015

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Air Angel in the News

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The team at Air Oasis has developed the Air Angel with moms top of mind! And, moms across the country are loving it! Check out what some of the nation’s top mommy bloggers are saying about the compact air sanitizer:

The iMums: “I loved how “fresh” the air felt even after four hours in the car. There are three settings, low, medium and high. We used it on medium or high when the coughing was at its worst, hoping it would help keep the germs at bay. It didn’t seem stale, unlike other trips when we used the air conditioner and drove down the highway. Even though my toddler was coughing in the back seat, and I was coughing in the front seat my husband never got it. We were all in close proximity NO ONE ELSE GOT SICK even when we visited with people during our trip!” Click here for the full review.


She Scribes: “AMAZING! Even my husband said we need to get an Air Angel for every room in our home because of what he saw when we compared the results of both tests.” Click here for the full review.



Sweep Tight: “I am excited to be able to bring this air cleaner with me anywhere. The next time we go for a long car ride, or stay somewhere that might have extra allergens, I will definitely be running this baby. Honestly, I think everyone should have this gadget. Regardless of allergies, babies, or pets, I think we can all benefit from cleaner air.” Click here for the full review.

Air Angel has been lucky enough to catch the attention of some of the best mom bloggers in the business. However, these are just a few highlights that have been mentioned about the Air Angel. If you want the chance to read more, please visit: