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Air Angel, the Perfect Addition to Your Summer Vacation Blog Feature

By: Dr. Jeff Bennert on July 13th, 2015

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Air Angel, the Perfect Addition to Your Summer Vacation

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Summer is a common time to travel with the family, but how do you plan to keep your kids safe from allergens and germs while on the road? From planes to hotel rooms, harmful pollutants are lurking behind every travel-related corner. With summer in full effect, the team at Air Angel knows that family vacations are in order and that keeping your loved ones healthy throughout the trip is a priority.

Did you know that when you’re traveling outside of your usual environment, you and your family become more susceptible to allergens and pollutants that fill the air and cover the surfaces around you? So, with summer travel calling for more time in the car, on airplanes, and in hotel rooms we have compiled a few different ways you can maximize your Air Angel while on the go.


Planning a road trip? Often times we only think about the air quality in our home or office, but have you ever thought about the air quality in your car? The ventilation system and passenger cabin of your car is often home to a bevvy of germs and harmful allergens. According to Dr. Chuck Gerba, microbiologist for the University of Arizona, “Cars are the moldiest of all forms of transportation because people aren’t really cleaning or disinfecting these areas.” To address this health concern, the Air Angel comes with a convenient car adapter, which ensures you and your family are breathing the best possible air quality while on the go.


Airplanes are one of the most common forms of transportation during summer travel. However, we often forget how many germs could be living within such a crowded space. Researchers from Auburn University have shown that MRSA and E. Coli can survive an entire week on the material from the seat-back pocket in an airplane. According to Dr. Douglas Walkinshaw of Indoor Air Technologies Inc., “Airborne disease is transmitted more easily on a plane than in most other environments because many people from different locales, breathing out different pathogens, are crowded together in a relatively small space.” This is yet another reason why the mobile Air Angel should be included on your packing list of essentials!


Once you’ve reached your destination, the next “germ threat” to tackle is often a hotel. One thing to keep in mind during your stay is the amount of bacteria and viruses that could manifest in your hotel room. Microbiologist Keith Warriner of Guelph University claims, “Hotels pose a greater threat of bacteria because the germs come from thousands of strangers.” Common items such as the remote control, bathroom faucets, bed comforters and toilets are some of the biggest contributors for germ transfer. By placing the Air Angel in your hotel room, you will be able to keep your family safe from 99% of those germs that have built up in your hotel room over a long period of time.

After much research, it is safe to say that there are many reasons why the Air Angel is a smart choice to include in your suitcases this summer. Keep your family safe during all of your summer travels by purchasing an Air Angel. For more information, please visit: