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Healthy Mom, Healthy Baby Blog Feature

By: Dr. Jeff Bennert on January 18th, 2016

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Healthy Mom, Healthy Baby

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Being pregnant is one of the most exciting times in a woman’s life. However, between the excitement and the planning often comes anxiety. There are so many things to think about when it comes to pregnancy. Is it a boy or a girl? What name are you going to choose? What is the nursery going to look like? Will the baby be healthy? Will you be a good parent?

While picking out a nursery color and stroller shopping are all important things new moms must do, Air Oasis wants to make sure that health is one of the top priorities on your new-mom checklist. To help women cope with the stress that comes with being a new mom, the team at Air Oasis has compiled a list of tips to help keep mom and most importantly, the new baby healthy.

  • Exercise: Staying active is a must for moms-to-be. Consistent exercise helps women control their weight, improve circulation, boost their mood and sleep better. Not to mention, starting a workout regimen while pregnant will set new moms up for success post-pregnancy. According to the BabyCenter Medical Advisory Board, the best workouts for pregnant women include: swimming, walking, aerobics, yoga, stretching and weight training.
  • Change Your Cleaning Routine: Tasks like scrubbing the bathroom or cleaning up after pets can be a risky job for women who are pregnant. Exposure to different toxic chemicals, lifting heavy objects or coming in contact with bacteria can be harmful to both you and your baby. Make sure you take it easy and have your family chip in for extra help!
  • Eat Healthy: When you are expecting is the most important time to maintain a healthy diet. Remember, you are eating for two! What To Expect recommends eating food like: lean meats, lentils, yogurt, wild salmon, avocados, oats, edamame, nuts, carrots and peppers, and mangos. Also, don’t forget to drink plenty of water!
  • Choose Baby-Safe Products: Preparing the nursery can be one of the most stressful tasks new-moms face. While picking out the décor and paint color for the walls can be one task, choosing safe baby products can be another hill to climb. The team at Air Oasis has designed one of the most innovative baby products on the market. The Air Angel is designed to fight germs by cleaning and sanitizing the air in room up to 250 square feet, perfect for nurseries, bedrooms, pet rooms, playrooms, cars and more ensuring that the air your little ones breathe and the surfaces they (and their favorite necessities) touch are germ free!

Bringing a new child into the world is one of the greatest things a mom can experience. The team at Air Oasis wants to help new and existing moms remain healthy all year long. Be sure to learn more about the Air Angel and how it should be a must-have product in your home. Visit:

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