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Last Minute Gift Ideas for Father’s Day Blog Feature

By: Dr. Jeff Bennert on June 2nd, 2015

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Last Minute Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

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The possible gift selections for Father’s Day rarely ever change. Most of the “go-to” items include: another tie, another wrench, another pair of socks or even another grill. With Father’s Day right around the corner, why not get a gift that is a little more up-to-date with today’s technology, and one the whole family can enjoy? This year, let’s get Dad a gift he’ll actually use.


Air Angel: Developed to provide benefits for the entire family, the Air Angel purifies and sanitizes the air and surfaces in rooms up to 250 square feet. Whether you are in the comfort of your own home or on the go, Air Angel destroys up to 99% of all allergens, odors, germs and viruses keeping your family healthy year-round. The Air Angel is the perfect gift for this Father’s Day because it is truly the gift that keeps on giving! Just like Dad.

solar-cookerPhoto via: @Portable_Solar

Solar Cooker: Instead of buying Dad that new grill, why not get him a solar cooker? The solar cooker is cutting-edge, a cool, new way to cook meals for the whole family. Solar cooking has quickly become the safest, simplest and most convenient way to cook meals without consuming fuels or other harmful toxins. Dad will surely appreciate the savings, and so will the environment!

solar-backpackPhoto via: @BirkSun

Solar Powered Backpack: The typical diaper bag tends to be designed with moms in mind, featuring cute prints and feminine colors. That’s why solar powered backpacks are a great way for dads to carry all the kid essentials in a “manly” fashion without the pink frills. It also allows for Dad to charge his cell phone! Sweet!

nest-thermostatPhoto via: @Earthtechling

Nest Smart Thermostat: The new Nest smart thermostat is another perfect gift for Dad. This thermostat is an easy way for him to control the thermostat for the whole house and cut energy costs by 50%. This sleek device monitors behaviors and preferences to create a custom heating and cooling schedule. Ultimately keeping Dad cool all year-round!

To purchase an Air Angel for your dad this Father’s Day, or for more information, visit