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The Perfect Eco-Friendly Baby Shower Gifts Blog Feature

By: Dr. Jeff Bennert on May 25th, 2015

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The Perfect Eco-Friendly Baby Shower Gifts

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Buying gifts for moms-to-be can be such a fun task: tiny clothes, cute stuffed animals, and diapers galore! But, what about giving a gift that not only benefits the baby’s health and well-being, but also the environment? We’ve compiled a list of the best eco-friendly baby shower gift ideas to make your present stand out from the rest!


Air Angel: Created just for parents, the Air Angel has revolutionary, energy-efficient technology that purifies and sanitizes the air and surfaces in rooms up to 250 square feet, including nurseries, bedrooms, playrooms, hotel rooms, cars, planes, and more. This mobile air sanifier destroys up to 99% of all allergens, odors, germs and viruses, protecting newborns from harmful pollutants in the air and on surfaces around them making sure they stay healthy 24/7.

thinkbaby-sportPhoto via: @ThinkBaby_Sport

BPA Free Bottles: BPA free bottles are a much-needed product for new moms. Keeping these harmful and toxic chemicals out of the plastic our kids are drinking out of is so important. Many bottles that are BPA free are also created with materials that can be recycled once the baby has outgrown them, making this the perfect eco-friendly choice for new moms!

kanga-carePhoto via: @KangaCare

Cloth Diapers: While cloth diapers might not always sound appealing to moms, they are a great way to help the environment, and to keep children healthy. Many cloth diapers on the market now have leak-proof technology, making them eco-friendly, safe and clean!

pop-sugarPhoto via: @PopSugar

Organic Baby Food Cookbooks: An organic baby food cookbook is perfect for parents who want to keep processed food out of their children’s diet. These cookbooks contain recipes of all sorts, so parents will be sure to find something their babies will love!

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